This is a 10-hour program which focuses on substance abuse and driving, substance abuse and health, and self evaluation of potential for substance abuse. (All persons will be tested for alcohol/drugs. If tested positive for either, the participant will immediately be reclassified for treatment.)

Driving Under the Influences Offenders

Referred from court or Virginia DMV for convictions of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The terms DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and DUI (Driving Under the Influence) are used interchangeably in Virginia. Services include education and/or treatment, alcohol testing and probation monitoring. Supervision fee is $300.

Drug Offenders

Referrals from court usually for possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, or other drug-related charges. Services include education and/or treatment, drug testing and probation monitoring. Supervision fee is $300.

Habitual Offenders

(Persons seeking full license restoration) Referred from court after restoration of restricted driving privileges for ASAP supervision and intervention. These are offenders who have generally lost their driving privileges for at least the previous 3-5 years, after receiving at least 3 driving under the influence (DUI) convictions within a 10- year period. Some have multiple convictions of driving revoked or suspended. Services include education, treatment, relapse prevention, drug and alcohol testing and probation monitoring. Supervision fee is $300.

Reckless Driving Offenders

Referred from court occasionally for alcohol-related reckless driving charges, but usually these are offenders who were charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and their cases were reduced or amended to reckless driving. Services include education and/or treatment, drug and alcohol testing and probation monitoring. Supervision fee is $300.

Young Offenders

Referred from court for underage drinking offenses and driving after consuming alcohol while under age. Services include education and/or treatment, alcohol and drug testing and probation monitoring. Non driving related offenses - Supervision fee is $150. Driving-related offenses - Supervision fee is $300.

ASAP Probation and Monitoring Services

Probationary services are offered for various types of offenders referred to ASAP. These services include intake and

assessment of alcohol/drug use, referral to education and treatment, monitoring and reporting, DMV and ignition interlock services, office visits and alcohol breathalyzer testing. Drug and alcohol urine testing costs are not included in the overall program probation fee. Probation services extend beyond the duration of the alcohol education and treatment programs, lasting until the offender's restricted driving license expires, or until the probationary period imposed by the court expires, usually 1 year to 3 years. Some probation services are provided in both English and Spanish.

Up to 1 year of Probation (included in program probation fee) $300.00.

2nd Year of Probation ($30 per quarter for each appointment/review) $120.00.

3rd Year of Probation ($30 per six months for each appointment/review) $60.00.

Alcohol-Drug Education Intervention Services

ASAP offers alcohol and drug education programs primarily for those offenders not found to be in need of substance

abuse treatment and for those offenders once they complete substance abuse treatment. A relapse prevention education program is available for those persons attending treatment or at risk of relapsing. The education programs are for DUI offenders, drug offenders, young offenders under age 21 with alcohol/drug violations, habitual offenders, and other alcohol/drug-related cases. Some intervention education classes are provided in Spanish. The cost of these intervention programs is in addition to program assessment, monitoring and probation services:

Alcohol education, 5 weeks for 10 hour curriculum $100.00

Intensive Alcohol education, 5 weeks for 10 hour curriculum $100.00

Young Offender Alcohol/Drug education, 8 weeks for 16 hour curriculum $100.00

Relapse Prevention Education (before/after treatment),

4 weeks for 8 hour curriculum $100.00

Substance Abuse Treatment Referral

Offenders required to attend treatment for alcohol/drug problems are referred to certified treatment programs or licensed treatment providers. Treatment programs which have agreed to follow state and Peninsula ASAP guidelines receive referrals from the program's case management staff. All treatment costs are paid to the treatment provider by the offender. These treatment costs are in addition to the probation fee paid to ASAP. Length and cost of treatment may vary depending upon individual treatment needs and intensity of services. Some treatment providers have services available in both English and Spanish. Cost and length of treatment varies by provider.

Driving on Suspended Intervention Program

This class is required by DMV for all persons having received 2 driving revoked/suspended convictions within a 10-year period. The purpose of the program is to inform the offender about Virginia's traffic laws and to help prevent the occurrence of a 3rd conviction, which requires a mandatory jail sentence. $30.00 for one hour class.

License Restoration Evaluation

This service is required of habitual offenders - offenders convicted of DUI 3rd, or offenders who have been administratively revoked by DMV for 3 DUI convictions within a 10-year period. The ASAP evaluations are used by the offenders when petitioning the Court for restricted driving privileges or full restoration of driving privileges. $200.00 per evaluation (includes drug and alcohol test).

Ignition Interlock Monitoring

This activity is required by some court orders and DMV. The ASAP program oversees the installation of the ignition interlock device on offenders' vehicles and reviews and takes any necessary action on the monthly calibration results. Monitoring is required for a minimum 6-month period with no alcohol violations to be considered for completion.

$300 monitoring fee, with additional $50.00 per month cost for each month

the device is required to be installed beyond six months (one year probation

cases pay no extra for monitoring within initial probationary period).

Urine Drug or Alcohol Screen

Urine samples are collected and tested at LabCorp. Specific alcohol tests are mailed to a certified laboratory for testing. Clients and case managers are immediately notified of any positive results. Clients can request a re-test via an independent laboratory, at their own expense.

$25.00 per urine drug or alcohol screening test

Driver Improvement

A basic driver improvement course available to individuals (1) mandated to attend by DMV as a result of an accumulation of points, (2) referred by a court for a traffic violation, or (3) who volunteer to attend to receive positive points.

$75 for 8-hours class

Reckless Aggressive Driver Education Program

RADEP is a 12-hour program offered for persons charged with non-alcohol related reckless and/or aggressive driving offenses. The program is presented in one 8-hour session (DIP) and one 4-hour session (RADEP).

$125 for 12-hours class