Program Overview


 If this is your first DUI conviction, you can expect to be in the ASAP program for at least one year, or until your restricted operator’s license (ROL) or probationary period expires.  You are expected as part of your court referral to pay the $300 ASAP fee as established by law. If you were granted a restricted driver’s license (a green sheet, DC-265) by the court, you can take it to DMV to receive a hard copy of your restricted operator’s license in approximately 10 days.  Make sure that your green sheet has been signed and sealed by an ASAP employee BEFORE you go to DMV. 


If you are ordered to have ignition interlock, this will be explained to you during intake by your case manager.  Please bring your vehicle registration with you on the day of intake. (If you have more than one vehicle registered or titled in your name, in whole or in part, DMV requires you to install the device on each vehicle listed in their records.  It is your responsibility to notify DMV of any vehicles not registered or titled in your name due to being sold, donated or otherwise disposed of.)


After your intake, you will either be assigned to an outpatient substance abuse treatment program or assigned to a ten week state-required education class.  Even if you are assigned to treatment, you must then attend the DUI education classes.  The education classes cost a total of $100, which is due prior to the class start date.  The cost of treatment varies, depending upon where you receive treatment and the number of sessions which the treatment agency determines you need.  Some treatment agencies accept applicable insurance reimbursement.  Payments to ASAP are expected to continue while you are in treatment.


Should you miss any of your classes without official documentation and approval from your case manager, you will be charged an ADDITIONAL $25 to be rescheduled to attend a make-up education or intensive education class. You must pay this amount prior to receiving a new assigned class.  If you have two absences without approved documentation, you will have to start classes all over, beginning with session #1.


If you are requested to provide a urine drug screen test, the cost is $25.  These screens are done at random and all ASAP clients are eligible to be tested.  Payment is expected at the time of the screening.


If you are required to be rescheduled for an appointment and insufficient notice or reason for your absence is given to your case manager, the charge is $25.


Once you have completed the assigned service requirements of the program (education, treatment, victim impact panel, urine drug screening), you will be contacted about three weeks later by mail requesting that you submit signed monitoring verification forms (indicating that you have had no additional drug or alcohol arrests since the last form was submitted) every three months for the remainder of your probationary period.  Once your restricted operator’s license time has elapsed, you have then completed both the education/treatment phase and the monitoring phase of the program and you may go to DMV to obtain reinstatement of your unrestricted vehicle operator’s license.


If you are required to be monitored by Peninsula ASAP for an extended period of time (usually three years), during the second and third years you will be required to attend scheduled case review appointments with your case manager to determine your progress to date.  The charge for each case review is $30 and payment is expected at the time of service.




1) All ASAP fees must be paid according to the financial agreement you signed when you enrolled in the program.  Please ensure your successful completion by taking care of these payments.


2) You are responsible for informing the ASAP office of any address or telephone changes immediately.


3) The Client Contract form which you sign becomes an important document which ASAP will use in court if you violate any of the conditions outlined in it. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY.


4) Once you have completed all assigned program requirements, you should contact your Case Manager one month prior to your restricted operator’s license (ROL) expiration date – THIS DATE IS LISTED ON YOUR GREEN SHEET – so your completion information can be submitted to DMV.

5) All Participants in ASAP will be required to abstain from the use of alcohol and drugs while attending ASAP and if ordered by the Courts


Questions related to your operator’s license should be directed to DMV at 1-866-368-5463 (Toll free). Questions related to ignition interlock should be directed to your selected interlock company.